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Until I was about 55 years of age, I was healthy, active in sports and never taken any medications for health or pain problems.  I began to develop arthritic pain problems in my lower back and legs. According to xrays and scans I developed stenosis in my neck around the C3-C4 vertebrae. The prognosis was that I would be in a wheelchair in 5 years. A neurosurgeon did fusion in my neck using bovine bone. Not only was the stenosis problem resolved, now I can call myself a genuine cowboy.

Over the next few years, things got progressively worse and the pain became more acute. I started using stronger pain medication and had several steroid injections in my lower back. I tried various methods of exercises and lotions. I was getting weaker from the pain and over a period of 2 years I lost about 40lbs. I was now using a walker everywhere I went including around the house.

Last year there was an ad in the paper, regarding a special offer for a physical assessment at The Spine & Joint Institute. I was somewhat skeptical about chiropractors due to some visits years ago to a local chiropractor. There was no assessment, x-rays, physical tests and no pain relief. At the urging of my wife, I decided to give The Spine & Joint Institute a try.

On my first visit, the staff put me through a foray of tests that I had not had before. There were assessment for spine alignment, weight distribution, balance test, range of motion in the cervical area, posture & walking steadiness.

After the first series of laser treatments and adjustments, another assessment was done on me by the staff. My pain relief was not as much as I hoped for, but at the onset of treatment Dr Miller had told me that it would take time. Because of my age and deterioration of cervical system, I can now understand his comments. What I was very impressed about was my improvement in walking steadiness. This was demonstrated by the before and after videos done by staff of me walking. To say the least, I was impressed! This video gave me confidence and inspiration. Overall my mindset moved from slightly negative to positive.

From this improved assessment, we embarked on another series of treatments. Over this time period my pain lessened and I reduced my pain medication. I no longer am using my walker and I have reduced the use of my cane. Another key point was the improvement in my frame of mind. Over the 4 month period I gained 20lbs. To some, this may be unfavorable, but my normal weight for years was 190lbs and I am now at about 170lbs and eating well and feeling better.

With continued treatments I hope to see more improvements thanks to Dr Miller and his staff. They are all very professional and patient with me for my somewhat moodiness and occasional tardiness.

Thanks to all for your efforts to better my life.

Bill A

Bill’s Gait Before & After Treatments

Bill’s Posture Before & After Treatments

Lumbar MRI of Marc R

Before Treatments (Left) & After Treatments (Right)

I had a hip replaced in 2002, at that time there was nerve damage which affected my right thigh and knee. By 2004 the pain and mobility loss were daily. After a visit with a neurologist I started to take a drug (gabapentin). This drug lessened the pain but it was always there. Stress due to physical activity caused the pain to become chronic. Rest and a higher dose of the drug would lessen the pain some. Keeping physically active from 2004 to 2018 caused more pain and less mobility. I started a new job in 2017 that involves a lot of walking. The pain and loss of mobility were putting my job at risk. A higher dose of the drug was helping but causing me to dose off when sitting, which also caused job concerns.

In Dec of 2017 I responded to an article explaining Dr. Miller’s program. I took advantage of a promotion for evaluation at his office. Our meeting was very positive as he was able to relate to my concerns and had an understanding of my conditions and felt he could help. A week after the initial evaluation we meet again. Dr. Miller put together a comprehensive report that identified the problems, explained the causes, proposed a treatment and gave a probable outcome from his past experiences with similar cases. He also gave me a timeline with expected frequency of visits and cost. He emphasizes the importance of the regular frequency of treatments as the present treatment builds on the last. Missed treatments can cause a setback in healing. I missed three appointments due to travel and experienced a setback in my healing.

I started my treatments in February 2018. Shockwave Therapy was administered to my thigh and hip area of my right leg. After three treatments the majority of the chronic pain (80%) was gone. This was hard to believe that this treatment works so fast and was so effective after years of pain. Dr. Miller understood the problem and treated the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

Now, (November 2018) after further Shockwave Therapy and regular chiropractic adjustments as per his treatment plan I have over time reduced and completely discontinued the drug. I am very happy and have a lot of respect for Dr. Miller. He understands the problems I had and has addressed them with his knowledge and expertise.

Dan B

When I started seeing Dr Miller I could barely walk in to his office on my own. I suffered from extreme nerve pain due to lower back issues and at the time had barely any quality of life. It’s been around a year and a half and I am off all of my pain/ nerve medication and enjoying my life thoroughly. Thank you Dr Miller for standing by me when everyone else was telling me to have surgery. You and your staff are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christina G

Before and after MRI images

I have been seeing Dr. Miller since February 4, 2013. In June of 2017, I remember it well… It was 3:00am. My world went swirling around. I was in bed, I woke my husband and told him what was happening. It was freaking me out! I was feeling sick. I thought it was never going to end!! Finally it did… it seemed like a long time, although probably not. My husband said he thought it was vertigo. And it began.

Every movement in bed, it would happen. The first days to follow were a challenge. Head movements would set off DIZZY! I did my best to keep my head still. Even driving became difficult. When I came for my chiropractic appointment of course lying down made my world spin.  Dr. Miller asked what was going on and he said he was pretty sure he could help me with that. I thought this too shall pass.

Finally in October I had struggled enough. I went to my family doctor. He prescribed medication and I began taking it. Absolutely nothing changed.

Each week when I would come for my chiropractic appointment Dr. Miller asked how I felt and I would get DIZZY on the table. Dr. Miller would say “I can help you with that,” but I didn’t believe it.

Christmas came and then just before the New Year I got a really bad sinus infection. My head was bad and along with DIZZY my life was so difficult. I had been on different antibiotics. My family doctor had asked how the vertigo was and I told him I still was struggling. He wanted to prescribe more of the same pills but I said I would think about it.

At my next appointment with Dr. Miller in January 2018, Dr. Miller again said, “I can help you with that.” Finally I said okay, I needed help. I asked what he would do… I’m a chicken.  He told me how he could help.

He set up a time, I must say I was nervous about it. I always tried to avoid DIZZY. He did his very gentle adjustments with my head while lying down, then sat me up. He gave me instructions to keep my head still for the rest of the day and to sleep with my head elevated.  I never had a dizzy spell again!!

Dr. Miller was right! He could help me with it. I wish I would have listened in the beginning. Life would have been so much better.
Thanks to Dr. Miller I am so grateful for his knowledge, wisdom and care.

Debbie L.

In the spring of 2010 I damaged a nerve in my left upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow. This was caused by carrying a sofa. I went to my family doctor and he sent me to physiotherapy. At this time I could not lift up my arm or make a fist. Physiotherapy got movement back to normal over the summer. Treatment was considered complete.

However, around the first of December, the mobility in my arm failed again almost back to the point of my original injury. This is when I saw a column in the Sarnia This Week from Dr. Miller. The article was about nerve damage and how he could repair it.

I called the office and got set up for treatment. It took a while, but I am so happy to report that my nerve damage has indeed been repaired as of 2011 and have not had any re occurrences at all. Truly amazing! I have now been a regular patient of Dr. Miller for health maintenance ever since.

Also, I have had TMJ dysfunction since childhood. This runs in my family, as my father and sister also have it. As I became older, it started to get worse. I was a regular patient of Dr. Miller and it came to the point of where he has to put my jaw back in place during almost every chiropractic appointment. One time I had to call for an emergency appointment as it dislocated the evening before and I could not eat. He took me in right away. Then my jaw developed swelling and would not stay in place. He set me up for laser therapy. After 1 treatment the swelling has totally disappeared. Amazing! It did take several laser treatments but my jaw is now back to normal.

Now, it has been more than 1 year since I completed laser therapy and my jaw has not dislocated once and I have no pain or swelling at all!!

Lori M.

(See video of Barry)

For months I had been very tired. In about September in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks I was rapidly getting stiff and sore and weak. I heard doctors on a radio show talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I felt I had all of the symptoms. On Labor Day I went to the Emergency Room and had some blood samples taken. I thought maybe something could be learned. I had a very hard time getting the results because I didn’t have a family doctor. Finally, I had the results sent to a naturopathic doctor but even then they didn’t see anything specific to indicate what was causing my symptoms.

He suggested I need a chiropractor with more experience with nerves. Soon after, I saw Dr. Miller’s article in the paper and decided to go see him. I was getting desperate by this time.

After about one month of seeing Dr. Miller I was beginning to wonder if I was wasting his time, then, I started to notice improvement. I was gradually able to move my arms outward which I hadn’t been able to do for 3 or 4 months and gradually I was hurting less and able to sleep a little longer. I had not slept for more than an hour or 2 for quite a while before I started to get adjusted.

After 6 months I have very little pain. My left hip still aches after a long day but it is remarkably better.

My wife and I farm with a cow/calf operation; I wonder how I would survive the winter. I kept going everyday with great difficulty. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wonderful wife Nancy. I’m still weaker than I want to be, but I certainly have come a long way and I keep seeing more improvement all the time.

-Barry B.


When Ryland was only 3 weeks old my husband and I decided to bring him in to Dr. Miller’s office to check and make sure everything was “in check”. I had heard stories from other moms about chiropractic care for little ones. I noticed that Ryland was a little fussy the first 3 weeks and was a little “gassy” I would say. After a thorough examination and detailed explanation from Dr. Miller, sure enough, Ryland’s hip was a little bit out of place. Within the first visit I noticed a difference, and after regular visits I noticed an even bigger difference. I am very happy with our decision to bring him in to this office. The staff is very friendly, and I would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone, a newborn especially.



I walked into Miller Chiropractic with pain inside and out. The past 7 months has been not only physically healing but emotionally healing as well. I have truly benefited from the chiropractic experience. Dr. Miller and his team do their best to ensure your comfort and understanding of each procedure, exam or even a simple ultra sound. I feel like I did years ago, and even to quote my husband “I have my wife back!” Thank you Dr. Miller and your team; Thank you for giving me my pain free life back!


After suffering from tremors mostly in my hands for years, I was finally convinced to try chiropractic. The tremors were bad enough that my handwriting was illegible; I had to hold a glass with both hands for it not to spill. I was unable to use a fork to eat and resorted to using a spoon or my fingers. I also gave up doing many crafts and playing the piano. During the initial assessment and x-rays I found out I had an old neck injury that could have occurred from an old ice skating accident. (Resulting in a small fracture) After receiving excellent care from Dr. Miller for just over a year, and with encouragement from him and his staff, the tremors are now hardly noticeable. I am now once again enjoying all the things I had to give up.

Betty W.

Check out this footage of Betty’s hand tremors before and after getting chiropractic care:


“My story begins two years ago when my neck became so painful and stiff that sleep was impossible and I missed five months of work. After the x-rays, MRI, massage therapy and physiotherapy my family doctor concluded it was arthritis, for which there is no magic cure.

I returned to work even though I was in constant pain every time I tried to move my neck just the slightest amount. Then, one year ago a good friend suggested that I call Dr. Miller that had helped my friend. So after one week I called my friend for Dr. Miller’s number.

After the preliminary exam and X-rays Dr. Miller said that he could help and added that it was a good thing I didn’t wait any longer! That statement gave me hope and a determination to make it to every appointment. I really wanted Dr. Miller to succeed on his statement.

As that year went on the pain and stiffness started to subside with each week and each month of appointments. It has been a year since that first appointment and it’s not only the changes that you feel and see but the changes that other people see in you that’s the true measure of achievement by Dr. Miller.

One thought just popped up. What if I had waited too long and Dr. Miller said that he couldn’t help me? To that some thoughts are like bad dreams.

I almost forgot Candice, Jill and Marie. These girls were a great help in rescheduling appointments when the unexpected just wouldn’t let you make that appointment. A special thanks to them. “

Mac C.


Just a short note to thank you Dr. Peter Miller and the staff for your great care and service in getting my “back” in shape. I came to you without really knowing about my neck problem (forward head posture), but you also found and corrected my lower back problem. When I am regularly being adjusted I no longer have that noticeable limp in my walk when I first get up out of a chair. My current job involves sitting at a computer desk for my shift, and now I feel 100% better at work. Not to mention, at home, doing yard work, and also made our veggie garden larger! Once again, thank you all so much, and I recommend your services to persons I encounter.

Bill B.


I have had severe neck pain since I was in my twenties. Through regular chiropractic care, the pain became manageable. But after a work place accident that resulted in extensive soft tissue damage, my spine was in chronic pain and I had to resort to more medications to keep me functional. My life revolved around pain management, and I was becoming very depressed about it. This past Christmas I was going to increase my meds again, when a customer told me about Dr. Miller. Within 4 treatments under Dr. Miller’s supervision I felt a huge difference and I am off all my meds and leading a new and healthy life free of all pain!

Jane W.


I had been suffering with sciatica on and off for about 4 years. I had tried many therapies which gave me only temporary relief. I read about laser therapy so I decided to give it a try. I am now pain free and not dependent on any analgesics for pain. Thank you to Dr. Miller and your wonderful staff. You answered any questions I had in a very professional manner.

Jean M.


I came to Dr. Miller because of constant back pain. I was unable to walk more than a block before my back would seize up. Not only is this no longer a problem, but I am now able to hike for miles and miles without any back pain. In addition, I have experienced 20% loss of range of motion in my neck for the past 20 years due to a car accident and now I have full range of motion and my headaches have disappeared! I am very thankful for what Dr. Miller has been able to do for me!

Mary Ellen W.


“If you are looking for a change in your life you must experience Miller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre! It’s not just a place where you go to get your spine aligned. Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff are compassionate and understanding. They go that extra mile for you and you become part of a family. I certainly wouldn’t be as active in the community or in my personal life without their care. Dr. Miller keeps me on the track. I have been in their care since Nov.2008 and will be forever grateful. Thank you.”

Kathy J.


Since 2001 I have suffered from lower back pain and so after being on several medications for several months my doctor sent me to physiotherapy. I only went for a few sessions and then stopped going. I had decided to use the pain killers and anti-inflammatory to help reduce the pain I was in. In 2008 I was in a bad car accident in which I received whiplash in my neck. I was sent for 8 weeks of physical therapy and still felt minimal relief. A friend of mine suggested that I try chiropractic care. I was weary of going. Then in the fall of 2008 I met Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller took the time to explain to me how the scans work and how the adjustments work. He also told me that with regular adjustments that I would feel relief in both my back and neck. I decided to give Dr. Miller a shot and within a few adjustments I already noticed relief. I have been coming to see Dr. Miller on a regular basis since November 2008 and I have been off my pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications since 2009. I have also noticed a significant difference in my back. I am not in as much pain and even have times now when I don’t have any pain. Dr. Miller and all the ladies in the office have made a difference in my life. I have gone from not believing in chiropractic care to knowing that it works.

Melissa C.


My first experience with chiropractic care started about 40 years ago when they were not too popular. In that 40 years I have learned how important they are to your health, and how important it is to start your children early in life. My family doctor said that my children were wetting the bed because they slept too sound, or too long, and they would grow out of it. That advice led me to 15 years of night time diapers, and wet sheets; my clothes line was never empty. 3 months of chiropractic care and not a wet bed in the house. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. For myself at that time no more migraines, throwing up, limping, and I grew 2 inches! The list of benefits was endless. Since then, I fell on ice and my family doctor wanted to put me in the hospital for 6 weeks. I went to my chiropractor and I was back to work 5 weeks with after care. I remember crawling up his front steps and walking out. Yes, I am a true believer in chiropractic care.

Since moving to Sarnia Dr. Miller was highly recommended to me by a friend. I had fallen off a ladder and my body fell apart. Dr. Miller has put me back together. I feel 100% better.

Do not deny yourself or your children the right to be free of pain. The staff at Dr. Miller’s is wonderful. They make everyone feel special and cared for. The sooner you go the better you are going to feel!

Thank You, Mary S.


In Dec 2005 I attended Dr. Miller’s workshop on forward head posture. Since I have severe osteoporosis, I was finding myself walking with my head leaning forward around 40% which in turn pulled my neck and shoulder muscles causing constant pain especially while driving. For the year 2006, Dr. Miller treated me correcting my spine 3 times a week. Within 7 months the pain in these muscles disappeared and my posture improved. I am now coming in once a month for maintenance to keep my progress in check.

Recently in Oct 2011 I experienced pain in the right knee to such extent that I was not able to walk the stairs or get a good night sleep. I mentioned this to Dr. Miller who suggested that I try their new laser therapy. I immediately booked 45 minute sessions and by the 5th treatment my knee felt pain free, I was able to sleep at night, walk down the stairs and continue dancing with my Croatian folk group in London. One never knows unless one tries things out if it works or not.

I am very thankful to have met Dr. Miller for he and his friendly staff have helped me to improve the state of my health.

I find we as individuals spend thousands of dollars on cars and regular maintenance on them yet we don’t see the similarity with our body!

Mike L.

“In April 2007, my forward head lift was 30°. In 2010 it is 15° and improving with each adjustment. I am a runner and a biker and was having a lot of neck pain and pain in my shoulders. Having weekly treatments has helped me to be pain free. I was having pain with my sciatic nerve and since 2007 have had no problem. With each treatment I am standing a lot straighter.”

Penny J.

“Our family has had a very positive experience at Miller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. Since our first appointment we have been treated with kindness and respect. I feel good knowing that the health of my children’s spines is in such caring hands. Watching the improvements in our nerve scans helps confirm that we are making the right choice to include chiropractic care in our health regimen.  Our children are very active in many sports and chiropractic care maintains the health of their spines no matter how physical their games gets. We are firm believers in the positive benefits of regular chiropractic care and encourage everyone to add it to your health care practices.”

Lisa M.

“I came to Dr. Miller after reading an article about “David” who suffered from headaches, as I have also had headaches daily. After my first couple of visits I was no longer having the headaches as often as I had been. I also realigned from seeing Dr. Miller. My depression was not as bad. I was getting out more often.  I wasn’t always tired. After three months of treatment I was no longer having suicidal thoughts and my anxiety was manageable. In months of seeing Dr. Miller I feel has done more for me than seeing other Doctors and councillors for the last five years. And in this time of seeing Dr. Miller I’ve been released from CMHA.”

Melanie N.

When I met Dr. Miller, it was the best thing that happened to me. I was having a lot of pain in my lower back and I was desperate to get relief. Dr. Miller was kind and caring. He worked on me that same day. Plus he sent me for X-rays and preformed a complete scan on my back. Once he did the adjustment I felt like a new person. My experience with chiropractic has been the best thing I could experience as I work in a job that is very physical. If it weren’t for Dr. Miller adjusting me, I feel that I would not be able to continue working at my job, which I love by the way. I am 62 and am not ready to retire. Thanks to Dr. Miller I can have the best of both worlds. I get my adjustments every week, and I feel very young because of this fact. Thanks Dr. Miller.

Sharron L.

“I am a person with a chronic-pain illness called Fibromyalgia. I have tried pain medications and other medications to try and erase my pain as well as give me a little more ability to enjoy life. Well as time went on the medications stopped working, and I was back at square one. Someone told me a story about someone with the same illness as myself. This person went to a chiropractic and wellness centre, which helped her receive care, and was able in time to have better ability as well as a little less pain. I decided to do the same and go to a chiropractic and wellness centre. It was a good decision. I now too have a little less pain, but a lot more ability to move my body. Thank you.”

Kathy A.

“I have been visiting a chiropractor since I was in high school. I met Dr. Peter at a home show at the Brigden Fair in 2005. I started going to him weekly. My son Benjamin had an asthma attack in May 2006. It was his first, but not his last. I found out that Dr. Peter could actually help keep his air way open by a simple adjustment. Since coming to see Dr. Peter, Benjamin no long has attacks, and I honestly believe it’s due to this treatment. I bring my daughter Alison as well and we rarely are ill, have colds, or flues etc. Thanks Dr. Peter.”

Vicky C.

“Dr. Miller gave me my life back! In 2006 I was at the Home Show with a friend where she was taking a test with Dr. Miller. Having had surgery on my lower back I was told I could not have Chiropractic care- I was wrong! I was always tired with back pain and poor sleep. I decided to try it and after three months I was feeling so much better. I was feeling better and sleeping well.  My energy had improved enough that I decided to take an overseas trip which I had thought I would never be able to manage again. The six week trip went well and I continue to see Dr. Miller on a maintenance schedule. I am now 80 years old and it was the best thing I ever did. There should be no fear in having treatment, I’ve proved that!”

Mavis N.

I have been coming for over 1 year. Dr. Miller has adjusted my neck, hips and back. I now don’t sway when I close my eyes and I am able to walk better, and it has helped my digestive problem. My 89 year old mother comes with us now and is able to walk easier and is no longer bent over. My stroke recovered husband is able to do stairs thanks to Dr. Miller. My daughter was hurt on the job and all the rehab and physical therapy didn’t help as much as the 6 month’s therapy that Dr. Miller has offered. She is not in constant pain now. My son after losing 250lbs had to seek Dr. Miller’s help to strengthen his spine and he is feeling great.

Catherine T.

“I find Dr. Miller and his staff to demonstrate very genuine care and concern for patients. They are always friendly, helpful, understanding, and informative. From the first visit, I felt both comfortable and comforted, with a sure sense of hope and optimism for improvement in my health and problems. To start, the Doctor sent me off-site for x-rays, and did a very thorough examination using modern test equipment in his office, providing a full assessment of my condition and a treatment action plan. He reviewed several easy payment options for me to choose from- all good value for money spent. I find wait time for appointments to be very reasonable, usually quite short and not disruptive to my daily schedule and routine. Any exercise or other types of equipment are on-site or readily available at all times. There is also a Registered Massage Therapist available. Tests are performed regularly as treatment progresses, so I can follow my ongoing improvement, and I am included as “part of the team” in my own progress and health- Quite empowering really.


My treatment thus far has been safe and effective with good healing, with reduction, and even elimination of the varied symptoms I was having when I first attended the office.  I used to get cortisone shot regularly in my lower spine which I have not had to do since starting treatments with Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller and his staff promote overall wellness in general, and do their utmost to answer all questions and concerns. I have the utmost confidence that I will end up dramatically better off than when I began! You should try it; honestly, it can’t (and doesn’t) hurt.

Kathy K.

“As a child I suffered greatly with agonizing ear aches, strep throat, colds, and flues. It seemed one ailment rolled into another. Medications to help clear these issues only brought on major side effects. Along with my health weakness I endured a painful “burning” back. This I learned at the age of 12 was due to a curvature in the spine which affected 7 vertebrae. Aside from a sore back, due to a work related injury, I have struggled for the past 9 years with an incredible pain in my right arm and hand that had me up through most of the night.

I was continually trying to find answers to my health issues and believed there were answers that did not include pharmaceutical remedies.

The more I studied the more I came to believe that LIFE was in the Spine. Eating two thirds fresh fruit and vegetables was one the but somehow I needed my body to utilize the food and deliver it to every part of my being and support me nervous system. I truly believed a chiropractor has the key. The only problem was which one believed this theory.

I had gone to 4 different chiropractors in my early 20’s through my 40’s.

Although there was a moment of relief after an adjustment, they weren’t building on the process. I knew there was more to this practice but somehow they weren’t seeing the potential of their abilities.

It was a God-send when a friend mentioned that Dr. Miller had what I was looking for! One visit and after reviewing his techniques, I immediately was assured that this Dr. Of Chiropractic had a passion and understanding for what he was doing and this would be the journey to excellent health.

I have a new lease on life!

I feel better today in my 50’s than I ever did in my previous 25 years! I feel fabulous and look forward to each day! It is a rare thing for me to be ill. When the odd headache plagues me, a quick trip to see Dr. Miller and my headache is relieved within 10-20 minutes of an adjustment.

I am so thrilled! Recently I have begun to sleep 4-6 hour stretches through the night. I no longer pace the floors in agony over the pain in my arm! I was not able to lay on either one of my sides for 9 years and in the past few months I can do so for short periods of time. That is amazing!

I believe regular chiropractic care encourages not only physical health and emotional well-being but has a positive effect on your nervous system. When your body is working at its greatest potential you look, feel, and approach life with enthusiasm that is contagious.

My encouraging work to you is to begin chiropractic care immediately at birth; however, it’s never too late to start! Love yourself and visit Miller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre today!

Elizabeth D.

“I feel much better after taking this therapy; and I look forward to my tune-up. I feel that with proper assessment and action, you can feel better and help yourself to a more relaxed life style.”

Derek P.

 “Thanks to Dr. Peter Miller, my confidence in the healing power of Chiropractic treatments had been restored. He has proven that you can be helped without being harmed! Thank you Dr. Miller, for helping me take the necessary steps towards wellness.”

Kathleen H.

“Thinking that all Chiropractic treatment would hurt you, I had never been to one. That changed when I met Dr. Miller. I have suffered from asthma and sleep apnea all my life. I had no energy, I was tired all the time, and my neck was a constant source of pain. Since starting treatment with Dr. Miller, I have been able to go off the two asthma puffers I was on. I am feeling a lot stronger, my energy level has increased and I’m experiencing less pain in the neck. Thank you Dr. Miller for helping me.”

Elizabeth H.

“The stinging and burning pain shot down my leg and in my lower back from morning till night. At night I found that I couldn’t even turn over and changing positions was almost impossible.

In 2005 I was in a motor vehicle accident that left a bit of damage to my foot. After a year of therapy etc… I thought I was back to normal. But 2 years later the pain down my back and leg came on rather suddenly.

The doctors suggested physical therapy, medications and even injections in my lumbar region every 6 weeks. Nothing helped!

After suffering emotionally and mentally from being in so much discomfort and pain all the time, I was ready to “give up”.  The joy of everyday life was gone for me.

As a “last resort”, I decided to give a Chiropractor a try. I was somewhat sceptical and doubtful that chiropractic treatments could be any different.

I choose Dr. Miller. Within 3 months, I saw a huge improvement! I remember Dr. Miller telling me that I needed to stay with the program through, and just because I was beginning to be pain free, did not mean I could stop coming in for adjustments. I needed to make it a top priority.

Over a year later, I rarely have pain! I recommend Chiropractic Care to everyone I talk to! Dr. Miller has been the answer for my pain.

Don’t let pain keep you from making the right choice…try chiropractic care first!

Dianna R

 “Chiropractic makes perfect sense to me. Like going to the gym, eating well, brushing your teeth etc… Having chiropractic as part of my wellness regime is a must.

Dr. Miller is very knowledgeable; he is always going to seminars and learning the most advanced techniques out there. I like having a doctor who is modern and who is re-investing back into his practice.

Since I have been coming I have learned that chiropractic is a lot more than avoiding pain, it’s about being your best, and being at the top of your game/hence improving performance and your health.

Keep up the great work!”

Chris L.

I have had migraine headaches for approximately 30-35 years. After trying all kinds of pills, none of which gave me any kind of relief, I decided to try a chiropractor.

After a few visits, my headaches have decreased from 1 to 2 per week, to about 1 per month. I also noticed that I sleep better at night and don’t wake up in the mornings with as much back or neck pain as before.

George K.

“52 Years ago I fell skating. Mom took me to a chiropractor and he put me on bed rest and gave me several treatments. As the years went by I had good times and bad times with my hip. Last Fall I had had enough. I was getting to the point of not being able to walk far or shop etc. I tried ultra sound treatments but they were only temporary. In February a friend convinced me to go to Dr. Miller.  At that point I was sure I would soon need a walker or a wheel chair. After having X-rays, Dr. Miller said he would try and help me. He said he couldn’t promise any great results because it was an old injury. After weeks of 3 treatments a week, then months of 2 treatments a week, and now 1 treatment per week I am so much better. I now try to walk 7 days a week for about 2 miles. This Christmas I can enjoy my 3 grandsons. I am 100% better. I cannot thank Dr. Miller and his girls enough for their help. I would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone. Keep up the good work!”

Carol B.

In October 2011 I approached Dr. Peter Miller of Miller Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Point Edward Ontario and advised him for soreness I had in my right elbow. I have has this pain for approximately three years which has restricted me in normal activates such as using my hand tools, and most importantly playing the game of golf. Dr. Miller diagnosed the problem and recommended a series of laser treatments to cure the pain in my elbow. I received 15 laser treatments over a period of 6 weeks from October to November 2011. They lasted approximately 20 minutes per treatment. Dr. Miller then recommended stretching and exercise using light weights until I began to play golf while I spent the winter in Florida. Between January and April 2012 I played over 90 rounds of golf with the slightest amount of pain in my elbow.

Dr. Peter Miller’s laser treatment and exercise program worked for me. I fully endorse this method of treatment.

Leo M.

I have had a 15 year long experience with back pain. I had back surgery in 1999. Complications from the surgery left me with constant sciatica down my right leg. I had tried acupuncture, deep massage, electro pulsing, nerve root block, all with little or no relief from the sciatica (pain down the leg).

When I heard about the new laser therapy at Dr. Miller’s clinic, I thought it might be worth a try even though I was a bit skeptical.

After 6 weeks of receiving laser treatments along with Dr. Miller’s chiropractic adjustments, one day I noticed my sciatica was suddenly gone. It came back after a few hours, but I was very encouraged by this! Things slowly kept getting better and now I can say my sciatica is gone completely, and has been for at least 3 months now.

It is totally amazing this new technology! And I believe it should help a lot of people.

I just want to thank Dr. Miller and all his great staff for doing such a great thing for me.


Sid V.

In August of 2008 I fell and injured the muscles on both side of my spine at the base of each shoulder blade. I received physiotherapy treatments shortly after the injury in the form of electrical current applied to the damaged area. (But only on a temporary basis) I started spinal adjustments with Dr. Miller in December of 2011 and experience discomfort due to the former injury. He recommended laser therapy as a possible solution to this problem. After a total of fifteen laser treatments (40 minutes a session), I have been pain-free during the adjustments and for my life in general.  I highly endorse this type or therapy for muscle injuries. I have learned that it produces permanent healing of affected areas along with the suppression of chronic pain.

Mark S.

In May 2012, a client of my wife was talking to her about her husband who was helped by a chiropractor and that her husband is now back to work after being off for many months. The rest is history. I booked an appointment with Dr. Miller, and at the time of my appointment, I couldn’t even walk from my vehicle to his office without pain in my back. Therapy (chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy) started in June. It is now December, still doing two adjustments per week and laser once per week. I’m now taking no pain medication, still small concerns with some numbness in my foot, also off and on pain in my left thigh; I have 90% of my life back, looking forward to improving that with Dr. Millers help. I’m a believer in laser and chiropractic therapy as nine months ago; I thought I was bound for a wheel chair.

Bill T.

I was in a car accident in 1992 which injured my right foot. When I walked I had a lot of pain in that foot and swelling. Osteoarthritis formed and I was told that eventually I would not be able to walk. I kept walking but I would have to buy new shoes every three months because they would become deformed and would not give my foot much support. In 2012, I had x-rays done again but because of the damage, there is no surgery even today that can help me. Also, the pain in my knees and hips was getting worse.  Orthotics helped me a bit, but there was still a lot of pain and swelling in my foot. I am trying MedLaser and after 20 years, the swelling in my foot has greatly reduced and I am starting to wear ordinary shoes again. The pain in my knees and hips is gone because of the chiropractic care I also receive from Dr. Miller. I cannot believe how well this is working!

Linda H.

I first came to see Dr. Miller due to a sore groin. A cat scan revealed degeneration in my L5 and my coccyx tail bone of my spine. I had been in pain for about a year before going to see him for treatment. After about 5 months or so of chiropractic care the pain in my groin went away and has never returned. My back feels wonderful. I am still having treatment as it is important to my health to continue chiropractic care.

My husband Mel suffered from sciatica but after a month of treatment he is now feeling much better, and getting stronger every day.

I had a sore knee for months and after an MRI with the orthopedic surgeon, it revealed a torn meniscus and advanced arthritis of the knee. I went to physiotherapy with no results. I decided to receive Laser Treatments from Dr. Miller’s office (MedLaser) on my knee and it helped tremendously. I had to use a cane for a few months before my laser treatments, and laser treatments have done away with that!

Pat S.

I am very grateful to Dr. Peter and his girls for their professionalism and kindness. Words alone can’t really express my gratitude for all they have done for me. Six months ago I couldn’t even walk two blocks without experiencing pain. My physical and emotional pain was truly controlling my life. I walked with a limp and was really concerned that I might end up in a wheelchair. I’ve had years of pain in my hips and back day in and day out. I had tried everything else physio, anti-inflammatories, even 26 injections and IV to no avail. I was so tired – brain fog really does exist. My life has truly turned around. Becoming an active senior is a dream come true. For the first time in years I can go for a brisk walk with no pain. Now instead of pain controlling my life I can do all the things I love to do.

I only wish I had gone to Dr. Peter years ago however, I’m moving forward and living each day with enthusiasm.

Don’t wait like I did to get help. I am proof that laser and adjustments really do work. We maintain our vehicles and our houses, why not focus on maintaining our bodies. I will always remain on a maintenance program because now I have a good quality of life.

Carol P.

Born in 1932.  Thanks to Dr. Miller for the past 5 years.  I am able to volunteer for our hospital, Red Cross, and Cancer Society regularly.  I am able to walk every day in the park with my husband.  I am able to wake up every morning with no pain.  I am able to cook and entertain our friends.  Able to play Bridge several times a week even fill in for my nieces bridge group.  Still do my own cleaning and love and enjoy our grandchildren and great nieces and nephews.  I am still able to give support to my daughter and son.  Most importantly, I off all medications.  He gets to the problem before it gets worse.

Thank you to Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff.  Many of our friends including my husband come to Dr. Miller.  He has done miracles.

Helen T.

The best decision I ever made was coming here. For well over a year I was in excruciating pain in my left shoulder along with pain in the elbow and my hand was numb more often than not. My life was turned upside down. I could not sleep without taking heavy pain meds that made me ill. I had no strength in my left arm at all. It affected everything. My passion is knitting but all I could do was look at it. I was exhausted from no sleep, depressed and in constant pain. I tried physio and massage 3 times a week for nearly 6 months with little help. I had given up. Then I read Dr. Miller’s ad and figured I had nothing to lose. Within a few visits I noticed a huge difference. Arm strength came back. The pain is gone! And I am knitting again! I sleep a solid night and no pain killers are needed. And the staff here is awesome! I highly recommend you give Dr. Miller a shot. He has certainly given me my life back.

Carol J.

I met Dr. Miller at one of the school bazars doing assessment scans on peoples back.  He was just starting out and spreading the word about chiropractic health.

     I followed up with an introductory visit and have been seeing him regular ever since. I am a hairstylist, a school bus driver and a single mother. The stress of daily living gave me aches and pains and TMJ. It soon became apparent with each visit, how I felt. I could move better. I could sleep better…NO more headaches and soon no more mouth guards. The way I lived life became pain-free. I developed a very stiff neck one morning and could barely move.  My only resort was to call Dr. Miller.  It was a Saturday morning and I had had these same symptoms once before and was prescribed heavy medication for it.  I, being a single mom and needed to work could not go the medication route. He took me in on a Saturday morning and I was feeling better and moving better within days.

      Over the years my care from Dr. Miller has been a major part of my life. I didn’t drink or smoke so my chiropractic care was money very well spent. I have been maintaining good health ever since.

      When I developed three tiny tears in my shoulder, I again asked for his help.  Through laser therapy and chiropractic care, I was able to heal without surgery or medication. Dr. Miller and his team have shown me that maintaining a well-adjusted body is the key to one’s health. I have had fewer colds and recovery time for anything major was much quicker because of a being aligned and adjusted on a regular basis.

             Moving away from Sarnia is very bittersweet; I will miss the team and Dr. Miller’s care but will look for a new chiropractor in my new home. Being aligned and adjusted is an important part of my health care, I will not do without. I am grateful for all this team of experts has done for me…

Carol P.

Last year after a weight lifting session I noticed an aching sensation in my lower back. At the time I had been seeing a chiropractor regularly but had no relief. After three months I decided to try a sports clinic but my symptoms were only getting worse. My nerves felt irritated and I had a burning sensation in my feet. I was lost and confused until I came across an advertisement by Dr. Miller and MedLaser. Since then, I have been seeing Dr. Miller regularly and continue to experience improvements. After one month of laser treatments and adjustments, he suggested I could return to what I love; athletics and exercise. With continued pain reduction each week I began to work with the office personal trainer and learn the proper techniques for weight lifting. I am still on the road to a full recovery but with Dr. Miller and the staff’s help I know I will reach my goals. Chiropractic care and maintenance is key to optimal health.

Daniel F.

My name is Ron. I am a long haul truck driver and I came in to Dr. Miller as a result of a search through the Yellow Pages. My shoulder & Neck over the last couple of years had been getting consistently worse. I was at the stage where I thought I would have to stop driving long haul. The treatments that Dr. Miller and his staff have given me over the last few months have been incredible. Between the chiropractic care and the laser therapy my shoulder and knee pain has almost disappeared and as a bonus my very painful hips have gotten so much better. I imagine that the alignments did the trick as I never even mentioned that problem to Dr. Miller. Thanks everyone for the help.

Ron H.

I went to see Dr. Miller in March of 2014 with a sore back and pain in my arms, neck, and legs.  Chiropractic care has helped relieve all of that pain. I found the water pillow etc. helps me sleep better and I don’t have hardly any headaches now.  (I used to suffer from at least 1-2 headaches a week) I thank Dr. Miller for helping all of my pains go away!

Mary P.

Before I came to see Dr. Miller I was having great difficulty walking and bending. I had constant pain in my lower back. I tried cortisone and gel injections for my knee. It was only a temporary fix. After receiving chiropractic treatments for 2 months I am able to bend and stand straighter. Also I can walk with no more back pain! I am truly grateful to Dr. Miller and his staff. You all have made an incredible difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Miller!

Jerry B.

Two and a half years ago I have a knee replacement followed by a manipulation which left me in more discomfort that before surgery. I tried physiotherapy, massage therapy and countless anti-inflammatories. The first two were only temporary but not complete fixes and the anti-inflammatories left me with a lot of stomach problems. I was unable to stand or walk any more than 15 minutes without my knee swelling and I have nerve damage with numbness from ankle to just above the knee. One day I came across an article for laser therapy and after the treatments the numbness is gone. I can once again walk and stand as much as I want. I would recommend this treatment before trying anything else. I would like to thank everyone at Dr. Miller’s clinic for making it possible to once again enjoy life in comfort and pain free.

Barb L.

Don’t ever give up. Go see a Chiropractor. During the last 3 years I have had 4 major operations plus a collapsed lung, a heart attack, 26 shots of chemo, 26 shots of radiation and after all of that I ended up with shingles. The shingles affected the nerves of my left leg and left me partially paralyzed. I had to use a walker or a cane for support. I feel a couple of times and must have put my spine out of position because I was in constant pain, especially at night. I could not rest or get a night’s sleep. I took pain killers and went to several doctors but the little relief I got was only for a short while. Because of the pain and not getting rest I became very irritable so when I saw on advertisement by Dr Peter Miller who has The Miller Chiropractic & Wellness Centre and had mentioned some of the symptoms I was experiencing I decided to make an appointment at his clinic. After his first few treatments the pain in my leg was gone and I could get a good night’s sleep. After a few more treatments my back started to hurt and I knew this was because my spine was rebelling because it was being put back in place where it should be. I was not discouraged because I knew I was getting the best professional care from Dr. Miller. After a couple more treatments my back was back to normal and my leg is coming back to normal. When I went to see Dr. Miller I had to use a cane for support, I can now walk without the cane.

            I am so impressed with the treatment I am getting from Dr. Miller and his wonderful compassionate and helpful staff I have told my friends about his expertise and some now are his patients who tell me they are very happy with  the results. My wife is also happy and thanks to Dr. Peter Miller because I am not so irritable any more.  Even though I am 82 years old I feel I have been given an enjoyable lease on life.

Roland B.