March 25, 2020

Dear valued patients,

We love serving you. Your health and safety along with the wellbeing of our team are of significant importance to us.  To ensure your safety we are restricting what patients can visit the clinic.

Our professional regulatory body is advising our profession to see only emergency patients who have suffered a musculoskeletal trauma and those dealing with incapacitating neuromusculoskeletal problems or pain. 

Emergency care would include:
  • Care for patients experiencing a sudden and debilitating change in functional abilities (understood as walking, standing, sitting, lifting floor-to-waist or waist-to-shoulder, stair climbing, ladder climbing) or significant restrictions (experienced during bending/twisting, repetitive movement, pushing/pulling with right/left arm) as well as injury to head/neck/back and extremities.
  • Treatment aimed at alleviating significant pain, understood as pain that is incapacitating for the patient and interferes with their ability to carry out normal functioning.

Hospitals need to be focused on crisis care right now for those in life or death situations. We hope by staying open this will help people avoid the emergency room with their chronic pain or acute pain issues. Otherwise this could create a greater burden on our health care system.

In addition, to limit social interaction we will be staffed with only one doctor and one support staff. We will limit the waiting room to one to two patients maximum. If you feel a need to wait in your car, that will be fine as well.  Our treatment areas are being cleaned between each use with strong, approved cleaners and disinfectants. Our waiting areas are similarly cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.

Anyone with any cold or flu-like symptoms, or who has travelled internationally in the last 14 days will be required to stay home until assessed and cleared by a medical professional.

As we get more information from our professional regulating body and ministry of health, the information above may change on a daily basis.

We are in this together and will see it through together.

Yours in health,

The Spine & Joint Team

Keeping you protected  Mar 16, 2020

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and have worked diligently in the background to formulate a plan that acknowledges our current public health situation while still finding a way to move forward in health.

We have increased our hygienic practices including cleaning patient tables & patient treatment areas between every treatment.
We are keeping the patient waiting areas & treatment areas free from reading materials & children’s toys and other shareable items.
We have canceled all group events.
We have reduced the number of scheduled appointments to limit interaction between people as well as changing our waiting room area to increase distance between people waiting.
We are recommending safe practices to patients including washing their hands before and after their visit, keeping a safe distance from others. Our doctors & staff members are frequently hand washing.
We are increasing our hygiene efforts, and we ask you to increase your personal hygiene habits as well including regular hand washing and refrain from touching your face.

If you feel unwell, please let us know and seek medical attention.
No cancellation fees will be charged for appointments cancelled due to illness.


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Welcome to The Spine and Joint Institute.  We are a community based clinic that is at the forefront of the spinal wellness movement. The spine represents your core support system but it is also your foundation for staying well and feeling alive.  Spinal wellness combines strategies for healing the spinal tissues while unwinding the complicated nerve connections that connect the brain to every function.

Our team is supported by the most advanced technologies that assist us in pinpointing where daily stresses or injuries have affected the spine but more importantly, how deeply these stresses are affecting your overall health.  We utilize computerized diagnostic programs, x-rays and advanced rehabilitation analysis.  Our goal for every client is to achieve success in releasing, rebuilding and continuously revitalizing the spine while creating wellness everyday.