Our Unique Approach

Welcome to The Spine & Joint Institute.  We are a community based clinic that has been at the forefront of the spinal wellness movement. The spine represents your core support system but it is also your foundation for staying well and feeling alive.  Spinal wellness combines strategies for healing the spinal tissues while unwinding the complicated nerve connections that connect the brain to every function.

Our team is supported by the most advanced technologies that assist us in pinpointing where daily stresses or injuries have affected the spine but more importantly, how deeply these stresses are affecting your overall health.  We utilize computerized diagnostic programs, x-rays and advanced rehabilitation analysis.  Our goal for every client is to achieve success in releasing, rebuilding and continuously revitalizing the spine while creating wellness everyday.

Understanding back pain: Storing Stress

There are really only two directions that stress can go when it enters into our lives. We can deal with it, which ultimately makes us stronger or we store it which ends up injuring our health and our future.  Because of the relationship between the spine and the central nerves, it is very common to store stress in the tissues of the spine.  Muscle tension and spinal joint restriction inevitably lead to back and neck pain. These are signs and symptoms of a system that is reacting and guarding against stress.  However, our greater concern is when this core tension spills over and begins to interfere with the nerve connections.  These spinal nerve centers are responsible for controlling the way we move and think, the level of pain we feel and the function of all the internal organs and blood vessels.

The Total Solution: A personal path to Wellness

For over a century the chiropractic profession has pioneered the research into spinal wellness. Older methods of spinal correction have been replaced by gentle and precise, low force techniques designed to train the brain and spine to work in better harmony.  Innovative technologies and precision adjusting techniques are now used in this clinic to release older ineffective patterns of tension within the spinal column.  Gentle, low force instrument techniques can now be used in combination with traditional hands on spinal techniques to advance every case.  Longer term strategies including orthotics, deep tissue massage, active spinal training and the Creating Wellness lifestyle program are available for the doctor to customize every care plan.

Our team is trained to analyze, adjust and manage all levels of restorative care. We emphasize prevention, protection and ultimately performance in everyone.  All ages from young children to seniors can benefits from our approach.